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Burning stupid quotes collection

All of these quotes come from just one person, who obviously buys into anything, no matter how flawed, as long as it is “alternative” – including mutually exclusive claims.

The quotes have not been edited in any way except to remove any references to other people than me and clean up some profanity.

“You get too caught up in the science steelclaws, needing to know why it works to verify that it does work. If something works, it works – no scientific explanation necessary. This is the way of the user, who tries things to see if they work, don’t need to know the scientific details. After all if it doesn’t work, no scientific evidence is any good, and if it does, no scientific evidence is necessary.”

“Well, try and follow my drift genius, if you take hormones to put the calcium back into the bones, then it stands to reason that if the body needs calcium it draws hormones from the bones.
Logical yes? (ie allopathic *** logic)”

“Now where did I read that hereditary health problems were 5% genetic and 95% diet?”

“Well guess what, I don’t care if I don’t get the details right.”

“But bacteria and germs are different, aren’t they? Polio, diptheria and measles are germs, not bacteria.”

“We don’t know much about gravity ***. For instance, if the earth is spinning you would think everybody and everything would fly off, but it doesn’t. This is just one of those anomalies that we take for granted.”

“OK, within the earth are huge pools of water that slowly fill up to a point then overflow. when they overflow they often come in contact with sulphurous compounds that when united with water, they become volatile, expand and look for a route of excape. When they escape they heat up surrounding rocks and the force blows molten rock and lava out of the crevice.”

“Make that base compounds of unknown type that react with water.”

“Apparently the water causes the chemicals to become volatile and expand, rushing through some cavernous cracks and moving rocks as it goes, causing friction and heat. Whatever.”

“I can imagine how there could be bumps and mountain building from an expanding earth. ie if an expansion caused a crack and magma was pushed up through it. You lot need to read more widely, not just your geology mags and what fits in with  preconceived theories either.”

“Physics is dumbed down because it suppresses all ideas of free energy and teaches the dumbed down version of the 2nd law of thermodynamics which says that energy can only come from fossil fuels.”

“There are certain concepts such as relativism and the 2nd law of thermodynamics which are wrong, deliberately falsified to keep people unaware of certain discoveries.”

“For one thing the laws of thermodynamics and electrodynamics are full of holes and need a complete overhaul, which is recognised by many advanced physicists.”

“That’s right, the law of physics has been “cooked”, like every facet of our society it is manipulated so the power elite can gain total control. Not only has free energy been suppressed since Tesla discovered it, but the laws of physics are false.”

“Lt Col Tom Bearden, physics trained person in the US Navy (probably retired) says that there is weather modification going on for years using scalar electronic devices invented by Tesla back 100 years ago. So whether weather modification is caused by HAARP or other means, such as chemtrails or scalar electronics, how they do it is secondary to the fact that its going on.”

“Since I don’t understand physics its a matter of finding somebody who supposedly does, and who’s opinions I can relate to in other ways.”

So you admit you have a cat then and your cat drinks alcohol?”

“If something doesn’t make sense, its crap. If something is true the common people will recognise it.”

“Science should never put itself higher than commonsense.”

“I’ve heard about The Bay of Pigs fiasco, it was some sort of psyop the US was committing against Cuba – I forget the details.”

“Yes, the term “quack” was invented by AMA’s fishbein, way back in 1930 when he first came up with his strategy to eliminate the competition.”

“You wouldn’t be able to see everything that was in blood sts puzzle over everything in the blood. They can’t tell viruses, fungii and bacteria from each other in some instances, letalone little bits of stuff floating around. You wouldn’t know what happens inside a cell because they are too small and mysterious to study.”

“Its common knowledge that cancer spreads when they cut people open.”

“I couldn’t give a flying f*ck about scientific evidence. I can’t even read the f*cking crap on pubmed. its not for the everyday person.”

“Where do I find these studies …pubmed? Sorry I don’t know how to use it …either how to put in the search terms or read the results.”

“True, if you can’t explain your points in basic english they’re probably lies.”

“There’s nothing unscientific about cellsalts, they’ve been a regular part of naturapathy and alternative medicine for 150 years.”

“Pure speculation is my evidence.”

“There is no evidence that there is no evidence.”

“Over my head *** — I haven’t done chemistry. How I usually proceed is to try a product and see if it works. I just assume that a manufacturer wants repeat sales and understands the chemistry behind their product. Its all done for me ***, by the manufacturer.”

“I have read most of the links I gave, and while I don’t understand the science behind them, am assured that other more scientific types have thought of all the objections.”

“I don’t think the experts DO understand the nature of gravity, OR anything much else concerning the makeup of the earth / planets or how they’re made or rules that govern anything more than measurement and weight.”

“Let’s just say that while I don’t know much, the “experts” and the “reliable sources” don’t know much either.”

“***, they’re are people who are expert in reading historical documents, they’re called archaelogists.”

“Were there past ice ages? They say things but they mightn’t be true and further, there is a hell of a lot of things about the history of planet earth which are kept from people, like previous civilisations which were at least as advanced as ours. Maybe they did something to set off ice ages by violating some laws.”

“My world is where I think for myself and only accept that which I understand and which I can see a cause and effect relationship.”

“Placebo is a word only used by allopathic medicine to explain any phenomena that defies their science.”

“I saw a documentary of Carl Sagan and he said that there was a high mathematical probability of life existing on other planets other than earth. There are other parts of the universe that are billions of years older than earth and there is no reason to believe they wouldn’t have some form of life on them. Also it is logical to presume that there are more highly advanced beings in the universe than earthlings. Therefore, it naturally follows that iridology is reasonable diagnostic tool.”

“The body doesn’t use enzymes to alkalise your food – it uses alkalising minerals.”

“But surely the pancreas doesn’t manufacture bicarbonate out of thin air. It would need to be supplied in the diet in the first place.”

“If the earth isn’t hollow ***, where did the aztecs take all the gold when they disappeared into the mountain and were never seen again?”

“It seems that outbreaks of disease occur when there isn’t proper sanitation and proper standards of hygiene.”

“Vaccination has caused many epidemics.”

“I heard that Margaret Thatcher had something to do with fluoridation of Ireland’s water supply.”

“But on the other hand, sodium fluoride did originate as a mind control drug used in nazi germany to keep inmates docile and easy to control. And there are no actual studies that show its beneficial effect on tooth decay.”

“You don’t believe that the pharmaceutical business with disease is an offshoot of nazi germany’s IG Farben? “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” I can show you all the information in the world, but you will continue to deny, deny, deny.”

“I’ve heard that TB is associated with calcium deficiency. Malaria is associated with sodium sulphate deficiency.”

“I’m quite confident I could get rid of malaria with cellsalts – well not eliminate once and for all, but eliminate the symptoms on an ongoing basis. The treatment would need to be kept up continually..”

“I have also heard that some plugs in the arteries are caused by lack of vitamin C, ie a type of scurvy.”

Also for stinky urine. When you go through the city sometimes when you walk down an alley you can smell stinky urine – this is potassium deficiency.”

“I have an idea that many of them are joined together by some tunnels that travel at very fast speeds.”

“Even during plages and outbreak of disease homeopathic practitioners have had more success than allopaths.”

“And there is an interesting story on how homeopathy used to be the standard until rockefeller made his moves, and that is what has given modern medicine its respectability.”

“Well I don’t know about the actual figures, but some sources say they are pretty awful. also some of the treatments are more deadly than the actual cancer, so if the person doesn’t die from cancer they die from the chemo.”

“We know the traditional japanese don’t get cancer – I don’t know about other countries.”

“Everybody knows that no plane hit the pentagon and the supposed muslim highjackers all had their identities stolen and were alive and living in other countries at the time.”

“Autism is an auto-immune disease. There is no autism in the amish population or the home schooled that aren’t vaccinated.”

“Yes, bacteria are both the cause and the result of toxins.”

“Both – firstly, everybody has germs, bacteria, microbes in their bodies which then mutate when the conditions are right. Remember that germs are nature’s undertakers and return what is dead or dying back to the soil. But also they excrete toxins, so it is a cycle.”

“Antibiotics get rid of the bacteria? I think that the bacteria are only there in the first place because the person has putrefying matter in their bloodstream.”

“In reality, the soil theory is the only game in town. The germ theory is the downhill slide to chronic ill-health.”

“The only reason the germ theory gained prominence was due to backing of industry barons way back in the 1800s. They saw a way to make money from it but not from the soil theory where a pure bloodstream kept a person healthy. Can’t sell that to anybody so they went with the germ theory and all their poisons to oppose symptoms. ie antibiotics to kill bacteria, fungicides to kill fungus, pesticides to kill parasites etc.”

“I don’t know what you think is so bloody marvellous about discovering it was a bacteria that caused stomach ulcers, when the cure is merely to correct the diet regardless of the cause.”

Perhaps estrogen is a pharmaceutical invention designed to sell more drugs.”

“Why do you think old people end up with osteoporosis? Its because their body has to borrow from the bones to detoxify and de-acidify when the diet is faulty.”

“Maybe if medical science knew a bit more about nutrition, people wouldn’t get diabetes in the first place.”

“I know nothing about diabetes so I can’t comment.”

Not that I know what all these diseases are and whether they are acquired, transmitted or hereditary – but for whatever is left over I’d say they were related to deficiency symptoms. So you just put your foot in it there … “

“If I swallow a cupful of sand, does that treat my silica deficiencies? I tried taking sand once, but it didn’t alleviate any silica deficiencies. I only took a little bit to see if it did anything, but it didn’t.”

People are underweight due to not enough minerals, they cannot digest their food properly without adequate minerals.”

“People who contract lice are calcium deficient for starters, and then they have lots of acid in their bodies which is sodium (bicarb) and potassium (cream of tartar) mainly to treat (taken orally to neutralise acid in the body).”

“Did you know that fruit and vegetables aren’t very good for people? This is because shortly after eating them, they are expelled out the other end, which proves that the body can’t make use of them.”

“Silica and silicon seem to be the same mineral from what I can tell – sometimes it is called one and sometimes another. I can’t tell the difference.”

“Plate Tectonics is easily falsified. It fails in its essential logic …in its doublethink …and in the consensus that drives it”

“Tesla was responsible for many great discoveries, including radio, television, fluorescent and neon lighting, helicopters, lasers, particle beams and alternating current.”

“Remedies that can’t be patented make no money for drug companies.”

“Communism was invented by the illuminati to cause “order out of chaos”.”

“You have heard haven’t you that AIDS is a secret eugenics weapon manufactured in the US? No? Boyd Graves found the flowchart that shows how it was derived from sheep visna virus in a laboratory in the US. There is a cure too, but they’re keeping it under wraps.”

“When there is so much speculation about alien or extraterrestrial life, why the heck would you make up a page of pure nonsense about catching and cooking them? You have cast yourself as a flippant, light weight researcher on a topic that a lot of people take quite seriously, and not without reason.”

“Well no I don’t need to provide evidence to support a claim that cellsalts work. You need to provide evidence that your science hasn’t been manipulated.”

“It takes me a long time to figure out what I know …many years in some cases.”

“My sources are always valid. What is more valid than the word and experience of the people?”

“Anecdotal evidence can be more reliable than scientific studies.”

“Don’t knock astrology. If its done competently it can be very revealing.”

“I don’t need to know the breakdown chains to know when I am calcium deficient idiot.”

“If the earth is hollow the inside space just gets bigger. Think about it.”

“There are many astrological and meteorological scientists around the world who say there is not one shred of scientific evidence to support global warming.”

“If you watch the spook shows, you will see that manipulating perceptions is a fine art.”

“No ***, there is often counter-evidence so your “evidence” becomes non sequitur, once again only stopping when you reach the conclusion that suits your establishment pawn mindset.”

“However, science has come a long way since then, and the Russian theory of abiotic oil is backed up with lots of scientific literature, it is no longer a theory but established fact.”

“IOW he just goes along with things and doesn’t realise his option to be part of the evolving process of evolution to redefine life, right?”

“Sorry steelclaws, it has already been established that autism is due to environmental factors, not genetics.”

“I’m not going to concede that the effect of homeopathy is imaginery. What I will concede is that science has been manipulated to rule out the aether theory, and this is one thing we don’t know much about. It is one theory that homeopathy works by the spirit of the substance rather than the material, meaning that every living or even animate objects have spirit behind it. The effects that homeopathy produces then act on the spirit at a deep level rather than the physical body and can bring about changes in the psyche as well as the spirit. The rules of how the aether works haven’t been worked out and there maybe certain things which preclude it from working such as influence of skeptics or other.”

“Sorry, you’ve lost me. What is iron lung for?”

“No, I can’t exactly explain what toxemia is – partly I am joining the dots between things I know and things I don’t.”

“That was just an example of how two things can be mutually exclusive yet not.”

“But you don’t need proof that underground lakes exist. Why wouldn’t they? I read about it in a book on the hollow earth theory.”

“After all if this technology was widely known it would ruin the megalithic power mongers who run the planet.”

“As I said, all science begins with hypotheses. To disallow any hypotheses is anti-democratic.”

“Evolve means to break down, to degenerate …only a moron would think it meant anything else.”

“If there was a cheap solution for cancer that couldn’t be patented, they would go out of business.”

“Personally, I think that there should be more commonsense and less statistical analysis.”

“Inside the atoms are prions which are little electrical charges things that bounce around, really forms of energy of some sort.”

“Since I don’t understand chemistry your response is meaningless.”

“Hey mate. If I recommend a textbook on a topic, does that mean I understand everything in it? What is this, the inquisition or something?”

“I don’t know much about the mechanism of cancer, just what I read in altie websites, that they become aerobic ie the cells begin to live without oxygen.”

“I would go so far as to say that most blokes are only capable of groupthink. From my experience working with blokes I would say they are poor simple bastards, who are incapable of thinking for themselves and just go along with the system, and are incapable of thinking about women any other way except as sex objects.”

“The white people are the only ones with enough brains to understand that the world is way past being overpopulated.”

“No, I listen to no-one unless it fits in with what I know.”

“I read stuff from any source and will get quotes from anywhere. The exception is skeptics and anti-alternative health sources.”

“That’s true, I generally don’t read anything that disagrees with my views.”

“You both take pharmaceutical drugs, so your opinions don’t count.”

“I am the person who invented logic and reasoning.”

And since I don’t believe in the pharmaceutical take on things, my information is superior in many ways to these “experts”.

“I do know better than the doctors on some things.”

“You may be an INTJ but I bet you weren’t born on the “Day of the Problem Solver” which is my birthday. So you see it is in my psychological profile. Also it says that people born on this day are experts in matters of health – so that is in my profile as well.”

“I have lost interest in communicating my hard fought theories to other lesser beings.”

“Yes, I mightn’t have scientific qualifications but already, without having any, I have figured out so many cures for diseases that are supposedly incurable.”

“I make more sense than anybody in this goddam group.”

“And I’m only a logic thinking person, but mind you I have been on cellsalts for many years which may have helped to detoxify my brain to an extent.”

“Please read the evidence I give and do not question the evidence.”

“I will decide for myself what is approved and what isn’t.”

“That’s not true. I have re-discovered the pure blood vs toxemia theory.”

“We all know that the illuminati / new world order wants to dumb down the  population and thus make them easier to feed nonsense without it being detected. Any treatment / protocol that causes loss of cognitive abilities the illuminati are the first suspects, whether it be vaccines that cause autism or fluoride that causes docility.”

“Dumbed-down more refers to people who get an education without realising the information has been doctored to exclude certain ideas the illuminati want to keep to themselves.”

“Conventional medicine has it all wrong, which is a plan by the evil controllers to rort, pollute, desecrate and destroy anything they can get their hands on. Pasteur was one of their men and has mislead medicine for the last 150 years.”

“Is global warming really happening? This is what I am saying, that it really isn’t happening but is being used as a mantra for public consumption to explain away weather abnormalities which are really CLANDESTINE WEATHER MODIFICATION. They can cause drought, ruin crops, cold snaps to destroy stone fruit crops, hurricanes to destroy banana plantations etc.”

“So-called incurable disease as asthma I have the cure, but I will not give it away to my enemies. I have worked so hard to find these cures and I wouldn’t want to cure anybody who I deem to be my enemy.”

“The only evidence that would make me think the earth WASN’T hollow, would be if all the coverups and suppression of inventions stopped — but that’s not likely to happen in a hurry.”

“There would obviously have to be a conspiracy about geology because there’s one for everything else.”

“The people with a vested interest in maintaining the molten iron core of the earth, are the ones who control the teaching of science.”

“The US government isn’t what you think it is. Back in 1871 there was a legal manouvre whereby a corporation called “THE UNITED STATES” was formed in Columbia. Somehow this corporation took over the US and the original US and works to further its own interests rather than those of the people.”

“Free energy is a suppressed technology. There are patents for free energy devices that don’t rely on fossil fuels, wind power or solar power. Now, if these free energy devices are suppressed so effectively, what makes you think that conventional medicine is right?”

“The reason some alternative remedies are dropped isn’t because they don’t work, but rather they don’t fit the mindset of the ruling elite. Anything that challenges their supremacy is a threat and put down. Why would you assume that because therapies are dropped because they don’t work?”

“The reason no evidence that homeopathy works has never been produced is probably because the technology is classified for reasons of national security.”

“That’s not right. Marxism is communism and Islam is a religion. What is really going on is that the illuminati want to start WWIII, a course which was worked out in the 1800s. There was to be three world wars, the object of which was to make people so sick of war they would submit to one world rulership (under the UN).”

“Yes, all research all rigged. Researchers are only ALLOWED to research along certain lines, and no cure will be permitted if it doesn’t help pharmaceutical profits.”

“But Winston Churchill was an illuminati pawn who encouraged the bombing of London and escalation of WWII.”

“Other lies are that there is no such thing as free energy, and another lie is that nuclear reactors produce waste that doesn’t break down for thousands of years. The technology has proceeded to where any waste is broken down in a very short time, maybe weeks but of course this is kept from the public.”

“I’m also thinking of doctors who are derided and harrassed for not following the company line and using alterntive remedies. Such people as Hulda Clarke, Royal Rife and Reich for starters, but there are plenty of others.”

“I only know what I read from other websites about vaccinations. And you lot only know what you’ve been told by “reliable sources”.”

“oh and anybody who doesn’t believe in homeopathy is mentally defective / biased / a product of preconceived ideas.”

“Well yes, I have my theories and I do look for evidence to fit in with them, and I find it.”

“I realised it was actually much easier to think in conspiracy terms than continually try to rationalise why nothing ever added up and to go along with all the crap the public are fed, by “experts” and “reliable sources”.”

“If I have to read things like the organon I can, but why bother when there are so many books and articles available from people who have been there, done that?”

“If the orthopaths believe it, it is good enough for me.”

“It seems the little prick has no idea of proper decorrum.”

“Homeopathy is what is known as a vibrational remedy. When the solution is shaken it separates the spirit from the substance and it is the spirit that becomes the active ingredient.”

“The rules of how the aether works haven’t been worked out and there maybe certain things which preclude it from working such as influence of skeptics or other.”

“Maybe James Randi knows about the electromagnetic ability (No.1 above) to neutralise homeopathy, and passed some sort of magnet over the samples in the homeopathy experiment.”

“I think it is obvious that either a) James Randi’s negative attitude changed the results, or b) he did something to interfere with the outcome as James Randi is a magician who would be aware of any tricks of the trade to neutralise a positive result.”

“Note in the following all the homeopathic studies work EXCEPT where james randi is present.”

“You make your own reality. What you concentrate on you bring into being.”

“Here is an interesting link I’ve found about how mining and taking of petroleum products and so forth from the earth is responsible for much earth upheavals and so forth, and is against the lawful treatment of a planet.. It derived from communications a chap called Billy Meier had with extraterrestrials.”

“And you ***, spend so much time following the Little Pebble case and why for Pete’s sake. So he conned a few people, so what? People get conned every day over different things. And the parents of the girls should have figured it out to some extent, why aren’t you down on them? Even the girls themselves between them perhaps could have figured it out. And what real harm was done, so Little Pebble seduced a girl or two. I can’t understand your obsession with the case.”

“If a person is prepared to pay such high prices they deserve to be ripped off.”

“Nobody listens to me, nobody gives me the benefit of the doubt – all allopaths trained in pharmaceutical medicine.”

“You debunk a lot, but don’t say what you believe in. Its ok to knock stuff but you’ve also got to have some ideals or beliefs of some sort.”

“Science doesn’t have a problem but scientism does ie consensus science which is a type of clayton’s science, the science you’re having when you’re not having real science.”

“They recruit likely students out of university and do mind control on them somehow, some sort of suggestions and objectives they are to follow. Don’t ever remember that happening? No, they would probably have removed the event/s from your memory.”